Explosive Growth - 2020’s Best Investment Opportunities for Savvy Individuals Looking to Build Their Retirement Nest Eggs

While not every year will experience the record highs and 20% plus gains of 2019 there are a handful of opportunities in 2020 that are primed for explosive growth. With interest rates still hovering near historic lows the stock market continues to be an essential tool for individuals looking to invest and create a huge nest egg for their retirement.

The one challenge however facing most individuals who are looking to invest is that with soo much information available these days they don’t know where to begin - and as a result they end up doing nothing. Sorting through it all and figuring out where to and what to actually invest in is an exercise that leaves them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. That’s why we made this easy to read list of some of the top opportunities to strike it rich in 2020. It’s a great resource for individuals that are interested in starting to invest money in order to achieve their financial goals.

Don’t miss out - you would hate to be kicking yourself in a few years thinking “if only…….”.


America recently lost a true hero, love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kobe Bryant was a giant on and off the court. Someone whose talent transcended the world of sports and made us realize that greatness exists in the form of people who truly are masters of their craft.

In the world of sports there are few superstars and even fewer legends. The same thing can be said in the financial world. It’s rare for someone to have a track record of picking stocks that gain 100% or more. It’s even rarer to find someone who has been consistently able to identify stocks that jump 1000% or more. The extraordinary superstars whose stock predictions have made myriads of individuals millions of dollars - the absolute legends of the stock world.

Over a decade ago, millionaire early stage investor Matt McCall shared some of his first recommendations with the public, live on air. He was derided by the anchors for his opinions yet FIVE - yes FIVE of the stocks he named that day exploded for gains of over 1,000%.

Since that time, McCall, much like Kobe, has consistently proven that he’s a master of his craft by fashioning one one of the greatest track record in the financial world. It wouldn’t be far fetched to call him a Legend in the world of investing.

He’s identified more than 200 stocks that ALL went on to jump 100% or more. 16 of those recommendations skyrocketed over 1,000%.

McCall and Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s (another huge figure in finance) recently sat down to reveal the name and the ticker symbol of what he predicts will be the top-performing stock of 2020. A stock that he said “You can’t afford to ignore.”

To see McCall’s prediction for yourself, simply click here You’ll get this stock’s name and ticker symbol, absolutely free.

When Robert Herjavec and Neil Patel launched the Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit, they had only planned to invite a small group of guests to join them, but then Neil revealed something all wanna be investors should know about.

During this clip (about halfway through the event), he shows proof that anybody can transform their life through angel investing beginning with as little as $50.

Click here or the button below to watch this presentation. Robert and Neil will give you hope that that you don’t need to be rich to become successful investors. $50 can be the starting point.

While this isn’t the type of investment that is going to 100x your money corporate bonds can be a nice alternative or complementary piece to those looking to invest in stocks.

So what are corporate bond funds? They are bonds issued by corporations to investors. Backing for corporate bonds is typically the payment ability of the corporation in question, although physical assets can also be used as collateral. Short-term bonds have an average maturity of one-to-five years making them not as susceptible as intermediate or long-term bonds to fluctuations in interest.

Corporate bonds can be an excellent choice for senior investors who are looking for cash flow but are wanting to reduce their overall risk. You can buy or sell your fund shares during normal business hours. You can also usually reinvest income dividends or make additional investments at any time.

If this is of interest to you’ll want to look for an option with high liquidity and diverse exposure that will help ensure a steady income stream. When chatting to CNBC, Todd Rosenbluth from independent investment researchers CFRA he stated that iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund with an annual fee of 15 basis points is an excellent option to ponder.

Experts are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution the absolute biggest opportunity of a lifetime. A revolution where the fortunes that will be minted could easily dwarf all others that preceded it.

According to the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, this latest revolution will be nothing like the ones before it.

Because, unlike the previous industrial revolutions, this revolution isn’t growing linearly.

It’s evolving exponentially creating huge opportunities for massive wealth building.

However this revolution hinges on one key technology. A technology that America vows to be at the forefront of developing due to it’s importance to key industries such as the military.

The White House recently sent out a directive intended to speed up the rollout of this new technology. This directive clearly states that “America must be first”.

Our government doesn’t want China, Russia or any other nation to beat us due to their thought that the technology will “unleash innovation” and there will be “insatiable demand” for it.

So what is it? What technology is poised to make millionaires out of a myriad of normal individuals? Men and women just like you who are proud Americans primed to capitalize on an incredible technology that this great nation of ours is pledging to be at the forefront of……..

Let one of America’s top traders explain it all for you here now.

You owe it to yourself and your country to check this out now.

5. REITs

REIT stands for real estate investment trust, which is a fancy term for a company that owns and manages real estate.

REITs generally don’t pay taxes as long as they pass along most of their income as dividends to their shareholders.

These companies can be a good option for investors who are looking for an easy way to own real estate without the hassle of actually managing it. So those looking for passive income or cash flow, such as retirees, may find REITs especially attractive.

REITs are usually divided into subsectors, so investors can own the type that they like. For example, popular subsectors include housing REITs, hotel REITs, data center REITs, retail REITS and even tower REITs (for all those mobile communication towers.)

Risk: Investors should stick with publicly traded REITs, which are traded on major exchanges, and stay away from private or non-public REITs that have lesser protections and higher expenses. Like all publicly traded stocks, a REIT’s value can decline, though the best-managed REITs should move higher over time.

As with other dividend stocks, look for REITs that have a history of steadily raising their dividend over time, rather than selecting the REIT that has the highest current yield.

Liquidity: Like other publicly traded stocks, REITs can be converted to cash whenever the stock market is open. However, you’ll have to take whatever price the market is offering at the time.

Bottom line

Investing can be a great way to build your wealth over time, and investors have a range of investment options – from safe lower-return assets to riskier, higher-return ones. So that range means you’ll need to understand the pros and cons of each investment option to make an informed decision. While it seems daunting at first, many investors manage their own assets with massive success. It’s all about finding the opportunity that’s right for you. Good luck!

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